Annual Report of Foundation Media Democracy

12 март 2012, Автор: Media Monitoring Lab, FMD
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report, Анализи, Лаборатория за медиен мониторинг

The Media Monitoring Lab at Foundation Media Democracy presents its 2011 annual report. In cooperation with Media Program South East Europe, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT C o n t e n t s Introduction: On This Report and Its Context Orlin Spassov Georgi Lozanov Media Regulation:... виж цялата публикация »

Introduction: On This Report and Its Context

12 март 2012, Автор: Orlin Spassov
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

The 2011 annual report of Foundation Media Democracy (FMD) was produced by a team from the Media Monitoring Lab (MML). Operating within the Foundation since its inception in 2007, the MML has presented its consolidated annual reports in different forms. Thus, for example, at the end of 2009 the FMD held... виж цялата публикация »

Media Regulation: Effects and Deficiencies

12 март 2012, Автор: Georgi Lozanov
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

Media regulation (according to Bulgaria’s Law on Radio and Television) is a paradoxical process because it has requirements regarding content, yet at the same time, it must protect content from interference, including from its own interference. Generally speaking, media regulation is in the role of... виж цялата публикация »

Television in Bulgaria in 2011: Problems and Trends

12 март 2012, Автор: Todor P. Todorov
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

The developments in Bulgaria’s television landscape in 2011 followed major global trends but also the specific logic of the Bulgarian context. Here we will analyze several key moments. Shift from Serious to Entertainment Formats Serious, professional commentators and reporters, investigative journalists,... виж цялата публикация »

Media on the Eve of Doomsday: Bulgarian Radio in 2011

12 март 2012, Автор: Georgi Savchev
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

In 2011, the key events for Bulgarian radio happened more often outside it, or at least outside its programmes. This old broadcast media was more visible and important in its constituent parts – technology, audio message, a particular radio set, listeners’ habits. Bulgarian radio was ‘disassembled’.... виж цялата публикация »

Attitudes Towards Politicians and Institutions in the Bulgarian Press in 2011: A Look at Seven National Dailies

12 март 2012, Автор: Orlin Spassov
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

The annual Media Index (see Appendix) commissioned by Foundation Media Democracy (FMD) and compiled by Bulgarian research and consulting agency Market Links is unique in that it is the only one in Bulgaria that traces the dynamics of media attitudes towards leading politicians, political parties and... виж цялата публикация »

The Year of Tabloids

Balgaria Dnes and Vseki Den Seven Months On: A Brief Retrospective

12 март 2012, Автор: Bogdana Dencheva
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

At the height of the summer season of 2011, two new newspapers appeared on the Bulgarian media market. Even before they rolled off the press, Balgaria Dnes (Bulgaria Today) and Vseki Den (Every Day) had already declared war on each other: a war of territories and of interests. Seven months later, it... виж цялата публикация »

2011 Through the Lens of Press Photography

12 март 2012, Автор: Elena Koleva
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

This review of the pictures of political events in the Bulgarian press in 2011 focuses on the scandals in politics, the election campaign, the riots in the village of Katunitsa (see below), and the wave of public, trade union and sectoral protests in Bulgaria. Those key events, and especially the scandals,... виж цялата публикация »

The Lifestyle Press: Back to Tradition

12 март 2012, Автор: Silvia Petrova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

If lifestyle media are indicative of the current social values, then Bulgarian society is becoming more and more patriarchal. The period under review (2011) saw a continuation of the earlier tendency for the Bulgarian lifestyle press to represent reality as divided into two distinct halves: female and... виж цялата публикация »

(Non)Uses of Freedom

12 март 2012, Автор: Gergana Kutseva
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

Macro-Framework: Dependences The analysis of Bulgarian news sites in 2011 begins where the summary for 2010 ended: from the point of intersection of two competing but interconnected trends and the impossibility to determine which was dominant. The trends in question are the ‘mediatization’ of politics... виж цялата публикация »

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