PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING RESISTS. The search for independence in Brazil and Eastern Europe

7 април 2020, Автор: Octavio Penna Pieranti
Публикувана в Анализи

psb_resists_cover_thumb_300 The history of public service broadcasting is marked by resistance and the quest for independence. Octavio Penna Pieranti demonstrates that this occurs in East-Central Europe as well as in Brazil. Aside from the physical distance, there are many similarities as to how public service broadcasting is built in both regions, such as the origin of the transformation of state broadcasters, the lack of resources, the weak regulatory structure, and organized segments of civil society willing to discuss the issue.

Author: Octavio Penna Pieranti
Translation: Lee Sharp
Publisher: Foundation Media Democracy
Cover (design): Rafiza Varão
Cover (photo): Octavio Penna Pieranti

ISBN: 978-619-90423-3-5

Sofia: Foundation Media Democracy, 2020


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