Political Content on News Sites: Status Quo Proves Hard to Change

12 март 2012, Автор: Nikoleta Daskalova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

This monitoring study of Bulgarian online news resources included websites of print and broadcast media, news agencies, and news sites with a national and regional focus. It used data gathered via online tools such as the Europe Media Monitor (ЕММ) and Google News. The analysis focused on domestic... виж цялата публикация »

2011: A Little of the European Union, Lots of Bulgaria

12 март 2012, Автор: Maya Tsaneva
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

In 2011 the tough reforms aimed at overcoming the economic crisis in European Union (EU) member countries caused the Bulgarian media to focus on national efforts in the implementation of community policies. For comparison: in 2009 and 2010 the EU was represented on Bulgarian news portals as the main... виж цялата публикация »

Electrical Storm, or, How Some English-Language Media Saw Bulgaria’s Big Energy Projects in 2011

12 март 2012, Автор: Petko Karadechev
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

This article presents the points of view of some English-language electronic media on three big energy projects that are of key importance for Bulgaria’s economic and geopolitical development: the South Stream gas pipeline, the Belene Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), and the potential extraction of shale... виж цялата публикация »

WikiLeaks on Bulgarian Politics

12 март 2012, Автор: Vasilena Yordanova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

In 2011 the media organization WikiLeaks became very popular in Bulgaria. The project of Australian hacktivist Julian Assange was one of the most cited sources of information. The Bulgarian media drew heavily on the analyses and reports of US diplomats in Sofia released by WikiLeaks. Last year WikiLeaks... виж цялата публикация »

Facebook 2011: Elections in Troubled Times

12 март 2012, Автор: Eli Alexandrova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

In 2011 doomsday forecasts about the end of Facebook were spread parallel with news about the growing number of Facebook users. And whereas the world was (and still is) in panicky expectation of 21 December 2012, the day the Mayan Calendar predicts it will end, Facebook was threatened with extinction... виж цялата публикация »

How Politicians and Citizens Failed to Meet on the Web in 2011

12 март 2012, Автор: Marina Kirova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

Vox populi, vox Dei goes the famous Latin saying from two thousand years ago. Today, however, it is not entirely valid. Or at least not for the developments in the Bulgarian political blogosphere and political communication on Twitter in 2011. Politicians The years 2009 and 2011 are alike. Double elections... виж цялата публикация »

Videopolitics: My Family and Other Animals

12 март 2012, Автор: Julia Rone
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

This article looks at the key events in Bulgarian politics in 2011 as they are represented on the video sites Vbox7 and YouTube. The most-viewed videos of 2011 contain Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s anecdotal statements in which he refers to sheep, fathers-in-law, pigs, potatoes, and so on, the protests... виж цялата публикация »

Non-Political Content in the Bulgarian Media in 2011

12 март 2012, Автор: Kalina Petkova
Публикувана в 2011 Media Monitoring Report

The trends in the production of non-political content for the Bulgarian media in 2011 are not only not new, they are an element of long-term, global models of development. The current state of this problem in Bulgaria reflects the developments in the relationship between the media and politics, namely:... виж цялата публикация »

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