26 януари 2011, Автор: Колектив
Публикувана в Сборник "Медиите и политиката"


This is an English translation of the anthology Media and Politics, originally published in Bulgarian.

Lozanov, Georgi and Orlin Spassov (eds.) Media and Politics. Sofia: Foundation Media Democracy, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 2011.


c o n t e n t s

Foreword - Matthias Barner

Foreword from the Editors - Georgi Lozanov and Orlin Spassov

Georgi Lozanov
The Law: The Media’s Good Grandfather

Totka Monova
Redefining Social Roles: Media Heroes and Narratives of the Transition

Ivaylo Ditchev
The Figural World: Displacement and Condensation in the Bulgarian Media

Nelly Ognyanova
Political Advertising in the Media

Kalina Petkova
Bulgarian Television Publicity: The Rise of Tabloid Politics

Georgi Savchev
Life and Death on the Radio in Bulgaria: Traumas and Political Identity on the Airwaves

Elena Koleva
Pixels with a Message: Visual Representation of Politics in the Bulgarian Dailies

Marina Kirova
The Bulgarian Blogosphere: Political (Non)Use

Eli Alexandrova
Metamorphoses of Civil Society and Politics: From Ganko’s Café to Facebook

Julia Rone
Vbox7: Homemade Politics

Maya Tsaneva
The Government and EU Affairs in Internet Media Discourse:
A Comparative Analysis of Official and Independent Views

Gergana Kutseva
New Realities: ‘Mediatization’ of Politics or ‘Politicization’ of Media Content

Nikoleta Daskalova
News Value of Political Actors

Orlin Spassov
Media and Politics: The Decline of the Fourth Estate?

Market Links Research and Consulting Agency
Media Index: Media Monitoring

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